8 interesting facts about Karachi

Pakistan is full of beautiful cities and Karachi is one of them. Those who have visited Karachi know that it is one of the busiest and most incredible cities in Pakistan. And, in this piece of writing we are going to explore 8 interesting facts about Karachi that you might not know. So, hang in there with us and learn a little more about the city of lights.

A top populated city in Pakistan

According to the census of 2017, Karachi has the highest population among all the cities. Not just this the city also holds 6th rank in the list of the world’s most crowded cities.

Home to immigrants

Talking about Karachi’s population it is important to know that Karachi is the hub of different cultures and ethnicities. In fact, the city is home to immigrants from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, the Philippines, Burmese Rohingya and even Africa.

Has the biggest Christian cross

A Lot of you might not know this about Karachi so let us enlighten you that the city has one of the biggest church crosses that is almost 140 meters high. The interesting thing is that this cross is considered one of the largest crosses across the whole of Asia

An economical city

Those who have never visited Karachi may get overwhelmed with all the hype that this city gets and may think that it’s expensive. But, let us tell you, you will never find a big city as economical as Karachi because the prices are very low as compared to other cities like Islamabad and Lahore.

Has the biggest airport

Another interesting fact that makes Karachi an important city for Pakistan is its Jinnah International Airport. The airport is always full and is the biggest airport in Pakistan. Moreover, almost 53 thousand passengers a day board their flights through this famous airport

Has beautiful beaches

Whenever we talk about Karachi we always think about Karachi’s sea view. The gorgeous city has the privilege of being the only Pakistani city that has mesmerising beaches including Clifton beach, French beach, Hawke’s Bay beach and Manora beach. All these beaches are perfect family picnic spots where one can enjoy the enchanting sea views.

Has the country's longest bridge

Karachi has always been known for its great infrastructure and tall buildings but let us surprise you with the fact that it also has the country’s largest bridge. Malir River bridge expands 16 thousand feet and was inaugurated on February 4th 2009. The bridge basically is a 6 lane highway and its construction cost around 14 million dollars.

A city with tasty food

If you are a diehard foodie you must visit Karachi once as the food variety will amaze you. The Karachi food is a treat for everyone’s taste buds as this place yields the world’s most tasty Biryani and Nihari. We suggest you try Karachi’s Nalli Biryani on our recommendation and we are sure that you will fall in love with Karachi’s food.

To sum it up, Karachi is the city that has unique features and beautiful people inside and out and we hope that you enjoyed our list of 8 interesting facts about Karachi.