Pakistan is a land of inexhaustible beauty and Karachi is its city of lights. The unraveling features of this city is bound to mesmerize anyone with its unique features and its attractive visiting sites will make anyone forget all the chaos around, drowning them in an overwhelming experience of their lifetime.

To guide you, we have come up with some of the best places to visit in karachi.

Clifton Beach

Who doesn’t love watching a sunset at a beach? The feeling is unmatchable, and likewise the beach is the best place to witness such a sight.

Karachi has a number of beaches, each with its own unique features but the most elegant among them is the clifton beach which is a must visit for anyone going there.

Churna Island

For the adventure loving personals, Churna Island is a must visit. It provides the scuba diving experience with marine creatures and nature. It is located on a two hour drive from the central city. It’s definitely a hard pass.

Do Darya

Tourism is incomplete without food. Do Darya is a foodie’s paradise. A heaven on Earth. It provides a vast range of cuisines to choose from with all the price ranges so that no one can miss the chance to visit it.

Port Grand

The real charm lies in a relaxed evening after a grand adventure and Port Grand is the go to place for it. It provides the all in one place for food, recreational activities, window shopping and watching a perfect sunset as if viewing from the top of the world.

Mohatta Palace

Along with protecting the national and natural heritage of Pakistan, Karachi also holds the cultural heritage. One of the go to places in this category is the Mohatta Palace which was built by a Hindu Prince in 1925. This great piece of architecture is protected to this day and now is a famous art gallery and museum.


highlight of traveling is amusement parks and Onederland is the perfect place for it. It is the first indoor amusement park with classic rides and an indoor roller coaster. This place is definitely a must go!