Nightlife in Karachi

The biggest and lively city of Pakistan, is known to stay awake late in
hours. Karachi was once known for it’s rich night life. People would
come and entertain themselves according to their tastes. Famous night
clubs would play songs while the crowd danced and drank until they
could not anymore.
Things are now changed for Karachi at least for the tourists, those who
are locals, know how to get the most out of their nights behind closed
doors. But if you are new to city and want to sneak peak into this
pleasure, you are left with minimum options.
The radicalization in the late 1970’s changed the night life of Karachi.
A metropole Hotel of Karachi which had seen the prime time of clubs
and beers now awaits renovation.
But Karachi still serves the delight at night. Only if you know where to
seek it.


Kolachi tops the list because of it’s scenic location. Firstly because
never before the idea of having a restaurant on water was thought of.
This provides an amazing. Lying on seafront serving a huge variety of
foods, and sheesha to those who are sheesha freaks.

The valley

It is again a restaurant usually for those who like partying or celebrating
occasions usually late at night.

Café Haze

Also known as café purple Haze located in DHA is the choice for those
who want to vibe with the atmosphere that it provides, being aesthetic
conscious with it’s set up, it makes you forget everything except the
experience that it has to offer.

Stars club

If you’re more into music and movies than just dinning in. Stars club is
the right place, they play local movies on big screens and have
extensive variety of music from karaoke to classical. It gets you
transformed into your fantasy world. The best thing is that the drinks
served here are named after artists, even the movie themed menu is
named after them. It’s a good form of feeling connected to Pakistan’s


Walking by a seashore, barefoot, holding hands with your loved ones,
watching a sun kiss the waves of sea. Consistently changing hues of the
sky. Sea view makes you feel closed to nature and to those you love.