Karachi Escorts And Sex Guide

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Sex Guide:

Here we are going to tell some sex guide that you can follow to have safe sex anytime.To decrease your exposure to disease-causing germs, limit your sexual activity to one partner who is exclusively having sex with you. Follow these recommendations for a safer sex experience:Before starting sexual interactions with a new partner, think twice. First, talk about previous relationships, STIs, and drug usage.When you have sex, always use condoms. Choose a latex or polyuretha condom for men.Allow your spouse to use a condom for oral sex to help safeguard your mouth (male or female).Avoid drinking or taking drugs because this raises your chances of engaging in high-risk sex.After intercourse, women should not douche because it does not protect them from STIs. It also has the potential to disseminate an infection further into the reproductivesystem, robbing spermicidal protection.